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Hello classmates

My name is Ritchie Mayes, and I turned 62 this past Saturday. I live in a beautiful area of the Missouri woods on a spacious three-acre parcel of land. A rolling valley that goes on forever can be seen from the road. I love the and quiet, and simple life of country living. I am delighted to be participating in this course with everyone. My overarching goal to achieve in this term, learn how to use technology effectively. Gain an understanding of how to use the different tools in asynchronous and distance education environments. That means, understanding how the technology work to enhance learning. Locating and using technology to design and implement content. Assessing and implementing best approaches and practices to meet student-learning outcomes. The next goal is to draw upon the teaching experiences of classmates. During my interaction in the Walden learning environment, I have come to appreciate the unique opportunity afforded by collaborating with experienced faculty in the program. The last goal, acquiring the tools that resonate in demonstrated learning. I want to be able to instruct students via distance learning. More importantly, help students achieve their goals in a non-traditional setting.